Memoirs: True Stories, Unfiltered "The Second Go Round"

Kathern Romero

"Our Pinky Promise"


Discover a heartwarming tale of reconnection and renewal as one of our storytellers shares the poignant journey of 'Our Pinky Promise.' In this moving narrative, she unfolds the cherished bond between herself and her daughter, rekindled through a simple yet profound gesture.


Sadie Solstice

"From Nearly Dead to Fully Alive"


Prepare to be spellbound by the riveting tale of resilience and rebirth as one of our storytellers takes the stage with 'From Nearly Dead to Fully Alive.' In this awe-inspiring narrative, she unveils her near-death experience, a pivotal event that ignited a fervent desire to embrace life in its entirety.


Jade Smyth

"Turning the Tassel"


Our final storyteller shares 'Turning the Tassel.' This inspiring tale unveils her remarkable journey from being pulled out of school to the triumphant moment of earning her diploma well into adulthood. It's a story of resilience, hope, and the incredible power of the human spirit.