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Welcome to the Books page, where you can explore a collection of transformative literature authored by Dr. Garrett Goggans, the driving force behind Dr. G's Mindset Engineering. These books have been meticulously crafted to align with your journey towards personal growth, professional achievement, and a success-driven mindset.

Uncover the secrets behind success, harness the power of resilience, and ignite your determination. With each book, you're invited to embrace a new perspective, elevate your confidence, and set forth on a path to greatness.

Browse through our collection and take the next step towards personal transformation and empowerment with Dr. G's Mindset Engineering.

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Unlock Your Power, Conquer Limitations, and Shape Your Destiny.

The "Moving Upstream Without a Paddle: Participant Guide" is a transformative resource that empowers individuals to take charge of their lives and design the future they desire. Readers are guided to break free from limiting beliefs, conquer fears, and embrace intentionality.

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Unleashing the Power of Mindset to Effortlessly Navigate Life

In today's challenging world, success often feels elusive, as if we're constantly struggling against the current. This book reveals the power of our thoughts in shaping our circumstances. By harnessing the right mindset, we can effortlessly navigate the stream of life without needing a paddle.

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Master Your Personal Growth and Discover Your Divine Purpose

This book, written by Giselle Vazquez and Dr. W. Garrett Goggans, addresses the challenge of applying mindset principles to our personal development journeys. The authors aim to help readers understand the impact of these principles on their lives and discover their divine purpose.

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