Dr. Garrett Goggans



Dr. Garrett Goggans

Mindset Engineer 

From runaway high school dropout to a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and mindset coach, Dr. Garrett Goggans has built everything on the idea that our thoughts are truly the most defining aspect of our success. He has been through the ups and downs in life and has discovered that no matter the circumstance you are in or your current position in life, you can choose to rise above and become the greatest version of you.

This discovery was further confirmed once he took the class “Thinking into Results” taught by Bob Proctor. It was in this class he realized his purpose in life was to assist others to achieve abundant success by helping them develop a mindset that will break through plateaus and other barriers. Garrett has a fervent belief that mindset is 95% of obtaining success.

Why the Moving Upstream Without a Paddle Programs?


In the world today many are finding it difficult to obtain any sort of success stating that the effort always feels like they are going against the flow. Like they are moving upstream without a paddle.

However, when you develop the proper mindset, you can begin to propel yourself up that proverbial stream in a manner that a paddle will never be needed. I created The Propulsion Mindset Development Program and it's supporting programs to do just that.